Your South Africa Hotels Explained

Few countries in the world are blessed with as wide a range of top quality accommodation as South Africa.

South Africa's portfolio contains some of the world's leading hotels, in interesting and varied places, together with Guest House accommodation that is world class. Whichever type of accommodation you select during your trip you can be assured of a warm welcome, exceptionally high standards and a cuisine to delight the palate.

Do I need to pre-book all my accommodation?

To ensure that you have comfortable, safe accommodation, each and every evening we strongly recommend that you pre-book your accommodation. Our experienced staff, together with our experienced and knowledgeable ground agents, means that we can ensure that whatever style of accommodation you choose, each and every night your needs are met.

Can you offer other hotels?

Space prevents us from featuring all the hotels within our portfolio. The accommodation illustrated is indicative of what is available in each area. If you have been recommended to use another hotel or indeed want to travel to an area not illustrated here, we are sure we can find you accommodation to meet your needs.

Is the price I see the final price?

All our hotel prices on our written quotation are inclusive of all taxes and local charges with the exception of parking in some city centre hotels. Unless otherwise stated they will include breakfast and in some destinations due to their location and nature they may well include all meals.

How do I choose my accommodation?

Travelling around South Africa you will find a wide variety of accommodation to suit every taste. We strongly recommend during your visit that you mix the types of property, using a combination of some grand hotels and also some of the spectacular guest houses, that particularly in the more rural areas give you access to some phenomenal views.

Ask our experienced staff for advice.

Is breakfast included?

Virtually all hotels and guest houses in South Africa offer breakfast included in the rate, which normally consists of an extensive buffet featuring hot and cold dishes, enough to set up even the most hearty appetite for the day ahead.

Do they have restaurants?

As you would expect the larger hotels and many of the larger guest houses also offer the facility for on site meals, both at lunchtime and in the evenings, whilst our smaller guest house properties offer highly recommended local restaurants to enable you to sample the cuisine of the area.

How do I find my hotel?

A detailed set of driving instructions are provided with your final documentation. These provide a straightforward and safe routing to your accommodation.

How do we Grade our Hotels?

For most hotels we have used the official South Africa grading system and those ratings are in gold.

South Africa Hotels Gold Grading

For the few properties that are not officially graded we have used similar criteria based on our own inspections and those of our agents to give you an indication of the star rating of the property. For the sake of clarity you will see these in green.

South Africa Hotels Gold Grading

What you should expect to find in the properties we feature

1. A warm courteous welcome regardless of whether you are staying at a guesthouse or a 5 star hotel.

2. Most rooms have en suite facilities and many have fridges.

3. An on site swimming pool, together with sitting area.

4. A substantial South African style breakfast included in the rate.

5. Most properties will offer on site evening meal, although some of our smaller guesthouses may refer you to a well respected local restaurant.

6. Most properties will have an on site bar and some of the smaller properties operate a self-service honesty bar in the lounge area.

7. With the larger more luxurious properties you will find the facilities you would expect to find at 4 and 5 star hotels across the world.

8. Secure car parking at all properties, normally free of charge, although in some of the major cities there may be a small fee.

9. All properties will have either a safe deposit box in your room or safe deposit facilities at check in.


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